The International 10th grade

Since 1990 10th grade has functioned as the final year for pupils from both departments of the school - the Danish and English respectively. Hence English is given a special position, i.e. the so-called class teachers' lessons (9 per week) are conducted in either Danish or English, whereas the rest of the subjects (Danish, Maths, Physics/Chemistry etc.) are all taught in Danish. Furthermore, many of the themes and projects we work on in 10th contain International/Global aspects.

We offer the state tests at the end of the school year on two levels: FSA (9th grade tests) and FS10 (10th grade tests at a slightly higher level than FSA). The pupils in 10th come from within the school and from 13-14 other schools.

We strive to enlist equal numbers of male and female pupils. During the year we organise a study tour to an English speaking country - for 5 years running Ireland has been our choice, and usually a canoe trip in Sweden too.

Further information
If you want further information please contact us by phone 39 62 12 15, and ask for the pamphleton 10th.